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We have become a prime Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader and Supplier of Biological Models, Chemistry Lab Equipment, Civil Engineering Lab Equipment, Electrical Lab Instruments, Electronic Lab Equipment, Engineering Lab Equipment, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Geographical Instruments, etc. Our products are designed using high quality raw materials with minute detailing, painting and finishing. All the products are developed without latex to ensure safe usage and abrasion free nature. We provide the collection in various sizes and specifications as per the demands of the clients. With high durability, easy cleaning and no maintenance, our products add value to the study and research works.   

Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Trader , Supplier
Export Percentage 40%
Year of Establishment 2007
No of Production Lines 01
OEM Service Provided No
Production Type Semi-Automatic
No of Engineers 01
Monthly Production Capacity As Per Order
Product Range

Biological Models

Human Physiology (Big Skeleton, Chromosome Of Man, D.N.A. Set, Human Body (Torso), Etc.)

Botany Models (Binary Fission, Budding In Yeast, Drossera, Germination Of Seed, L.S. Ovary, Etc.)

Zoology Models (Animal Cell, Amoeba, Bacteria, Budding In Hydra, Etc.)

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Oil Testing And Chemistry Instruments (Abels Flash Point Apparatus, Aniline Point Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus, Burning Test Lamp, Carbon Residue Apparatus (Conradson), Etc. )

Electrical Lab Instruments

Analog Multimeter

BH Curve Apparatus

Triode Valve Mounted

Analog To Digital (A/D) Convertor

Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus

UJT Characteristics Apparatus Verification Of KCL And KVL

Audio Frequency Function Generator

Clipping & Clamping Circuit Apparatus

Vacuum Tube Volt-Ohmeter (VTVM)

Auto Transformers (Variac)

Cockpit Oscillator. Decade Inductance Box

Variable Capacitors

Average & RMS Value Of A Ac Signal. Ohms Law Apparatus

Common Emitter

Verification Of Network Theorems

Banana Plugs

Dc Regulated Power Supply

Verification Of Boolean Identities & Emorgans Theorems

Battery Chargers

Demonstration/Demountable Transformers

Voltage Stabilization Characteristics Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus.

Digital Trainer

Diac Characteristics Apparatus

Wein Bridge Oscillator

Diode Valve Characteristics Apparatus

Digital Multimeter

Dual Channel Regulated Power Supplies

Diode Valve Mounted

Fixed Output Dc Regulated Powers Supplies

E/M By Thompson Method

Electrophoresis Power Supply

Half Wave/Full Wave & Bridge Rectifier Apparatus

LCR Resonance Apparatus

Energy Band Gap PN Junction Diode

Hartley Oscillators

LDR Characteristics Apparatus Low Voltage Power Supply - Ac/Dc 3 Amp

FET Characteristics Apparatus

Ionization Potential

Logic Gates Using TTL IC(6 In 1)

Fixed Frequency Sine Wave

LCR Impedance Circuit Apparatus

Low Voltage Power Supply-Ac/Dc 10 Amp.

Measurement Of Peak

Power Supply For Electromagnetic Kit

Planks Constant Apparatus

Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus

RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier

Power Supply Digital

N-P-N Transistor Unit

Resistances In Series & Parallel Apparatus.

Power Supply E.H.T


SCR Characteristics Apparatus

Transistor Amplifier


Semiconductor Diode/Pn Junction Diode

Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

P-N-P Transistor Unit

Study Of Applications Of Operational Amplifier

Triac Characteristics Apparatus

Phase Shift Oscillator

Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics

Standard Cell Substitute Study Of Arithmetic Logic Unit (Alu)

Sine/Square Oscillator 1 Hz - 1 Mhz.

Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus

Study Of 4 Bit Adder And Subtractor Study Of 4-1line (Four Input & One Output)

Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus

Electronic Lab Equipment

Battery Eliminators

Active & Passive Filters Circuits (Study Of Frequency Response)

Rheostat (Special Range)

Educational Electronic Instruments

Resistance Boxes Dial Type

Dc Regulated Power Supply

Measuring Instruments & Equipment

Logic Gates

Decade Inductance Box


Engineering Lab Equipment

Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Equipment

Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Automobile Lab Equipment

Theory Of Machines Lab Equipment

Hydraulic/Fluid Mech. Lab Equipment

Civil Engineering Models

Thermodynamics Lab Equipment

Mass Transfer Lab Equipment

Construction Machine Lab Equipment

Engineering Models

Momentum Transfer Lab Equipment

Object Drawing Models

Heat Engine Lab Equipment

Physics Lab Equipment

A.C. Moving Coil Meters

Application For Photo Cells & Solar Cells

Cell & Accessories

Accessories For Optical Bench

Astronomical And Terrestrial Telescope

Characteristics Of Devices (Solid-State)

Accessories For Use With Pasw Spectrometers

Ballistic Galvanometer

Characteristics Of Devices (Value Version)

Accessories Of Industrial Kelvin Bridge

Battery Charger & Step Down Transformer

Co-Ordinate Measuring Microscope (Cm-21)

Analog And Digital Multimeter

Battery Eliminators

Colored Film Strips

Analog/Digital Test & Measuring Instruments

Bi-Prism Assembly

Compton Potentiometer


Decade Resistance Box

Different Type Of Electronic Experiments

Digital Trainer Kit

Decade Resistance Box Channel-In-Channel Style

Different Type Of Four Arm Bridge

Study Of A Basic Operation Amplifier

Miscellaneous Items

Vertical Reading Microscope

Universal Shunts



Vernier Calipers


Various Type Of Commonly Used Wires In Laboratory

Vernier Potentiometer

Ticker Tape Timer

Type 41 (Modified)

Traveling Microscopes

Tool Kits

Type 723

Tool Maker Microscope

Research Equipment

Clean Air Instruments/ Biotechnology Lab Instruments

Block Heater / Digester

Incubators / B.O.D. Incubator / Freezers

Oil Bath / Low Temp. Bath / Circulatory Temperature Bath For Viscometer

Heating Mantles / Soxhlet / Kjeldahl Unit

Muffle Furnace / Tube Furnace

Water Baths (Water Bath Thermostatic)

Hot Plates

Ovens / Vacuum Ovens / Dryer / Humidity Oven / Stability Chambers

Water Stills


Shakers / Rotators


Weight Boxes And Accessories

Civil Engineering Lab Equipment

Ranging Rod


Vernier Transit Theodolite

Measuring Survey Chain

Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus

Quick Set Dumpy Level

Cross Staf

Aggregate Impact Tester

Leveling Staff

South Automatic Level

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Plane Table

Automatic Level, Setl


Prismatic Compass

Metallic Tape

Auto Level With Tripod Stand

South Total Station

Microptic Theodolite


Vicat Needle Apparatus

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Study Of Pipe Fittings

Helical Coil Apparatus

Impact Of Jet On Vanes Apparatus

Orifice & Mouthpiece Apparatus

Equivalent Length Of Pipes

Nozzle Meter Apparatus

Bernoulli Theorem Apparatus

Pipes In Series

Pipes In Parallel

Friction In Pipe Lines Apparatus

Venturimeter, Orificemeter & Rota Meter Apparatus

Hydraulic Bench With Accessories

Notch Apparatus

Hydrodynamics Of Packed Bed

Reynold' Apparatus

Meta Centric Height Apparatus

Pressure Drop Through Packed Bed

Pitot Static Tube Apparatus

Flow Through Helical Coil

Pressure Drop In Two Phase Flow

Drag Co-Efficient Apparatus

Flow Through Fluidized Bed Characteristics

Geographical Instruments

Geography Charts

Geomorphology Models Size 25x35cms

Geography Models

History & General Charts

Geography, Geomorphology, Apparatus & Models

Fiber Glass Relief Models

Audio Visual Aids

Laboratory Glassware

Allihn Condensers

Air Bulb

Air Leak Tube



Air Coil

Amber Color Glassware

Ball Clip


Boiling Flask


Ball Joint



Calcium Choride Tubes

Chromatography Columns

Coil Bulb


Condensers Without Joints


Conical Flask With Socket

Connection Tubes U

Crow Receiver


Centrifuge Tube


Coil Condensers

Condensers With Joints


Conical Flask

Connection Tubes T

Connection Tubes Y

Culture Tube

Delivery Adapters

Dish Crystallizing

Distillation Apparatus

Double Surface Allihn Bulb

Dropping Funnels

Drying Tube


Dish Evaporating

Distillation Apparatus With Liebig Condensers


Dropping Funnels

Erlenmeyer Conical Flasks




Extraction And Distillation Apparatus

Flask Distillation

Flask Round Bottom Medium Neck With Socket

Flask Screw Cap

Flask Volumetric With Solid Stopper

Flasks Distillation With Side Tube

Flasks Iodine With Flaring

Flasks Kjeldhal With Socket

Flat Flanged Flask

Funnel Shaped Cup

Flask Filtration

Flask Round Bottom Short Neck With Socket

Flask Volumetric With Hollow Stopper

Flasks Buchner With Socket

Flasks Flat

Flasks Jointed Necks

Flat Bottom Flask

Funnel Filtering

Gas Apparatus

Gas Washing Bottles


Gas Jar

General Glassware


Hard Glass Autoclave Able

Hoffman's Voltmeter

Interchangeable Glass Wares


Jointed Condensers

Kipp's Apparatus

Kjeldahl Flask


Kohlraush Flasks With Cup At Top

Liebig Bulb

Liebig Condensers

Liebig Coil

Measuring Cylinders

Miscellaneous Glassware

Measuring Flasks


Nessler Cylinders

Pear Shape Flask


Plain Condensers

Ptfe Key

Petri Dish


Pressure Equalizing Funnels

Reaction Flask

Reagent N.M.

Recovery Bend, Sloping


Round Flask

Reagent Bottles

Reagent W.M.

Reduction Adapters

Rota Flow

S.S. Lid

Saybolt Viscosity Flasks

Separating Funnels


Soxhlet Apparatus

Spare Extractor

Splash Heads

Steam Distillation Head

Stop Cocks


Stoppers Solid

S.S. Clip

Screw Caped B.O.D.

Sintered Disc

Solution Bottles

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Specific Gravity Bottle

Standard Ground Joints

Still Head


Stoppers Hexagonal


Test Tube Rim

Test Tube Stoppard

Thermometer Pocket


Test Tube Rimless

Test Tube With Sockets

Three Neck Volumetric Flask

Two Neck Volumetric Flask

Vol. Flask

Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric Flask

Volumetric Glassware

Weighing Bottle

Pharmacy Lab Equipment

Eddys Hot Plate

Pole Climbing Apparatus

Double Cone Blender

Bottle Filling Machine

Uv Inspection Cabinet

Organ Bath

Bottle Washing Machine

Bod Incubator

In Layer Chromatography App.

Tablet Making Machine

Deep Freezer

Rotary Vacuum Apparatus

Ampoule Clarity Test Machine

Ball Mill

Moreover, we also deal in:

  • Mathematics Kits
  • Mechanical Lab Equipment
  • Microscopes
"We are accepting only bulk quantity orders."
  • Contact Details
  • Village Keshopur, P.O Sambhalkha, Distt Ambala, Ambala Cantt - 133101, Haryana, India
  • Phone : 08071596459
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  • Mr Ajit Singh (Proprietor)
  • Mobile : 08071596459

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